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Working With Border Prints

Border Print Place Mat & Table Runner
Just six pieces and one fabric are all it takes to make this gorgeous project. Suitable for quilters of all levels.
An Introduction to Border Prints

Jinny introduces you to some of the secrets of her border print fabrics that make them ideal for quilters.

Magical Effects with Border Print Fabrics

Learn how to add some magic to your quilt blocks by incorporating patches of border print fabric.

Border Prints: Creating Perfectly Matched Seams
Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, the designs on the edges of patches you cut from border prints just won't line up for a perfect match.
Framing a Quilt with Border Print Fabric
Learn Jinny's easy, no-math method for framing a quilt with border print fabric.
Creating Border Print Squares

Add some impact to your quilt or block by incorporating a border print square.  It's as simple as cutting four identical triangles.

Making Other Shapes in Border Print Fabric & Paisleys

Incorporate border print fabric into geometric shapes in your blocks for truly magical effects.  And all it takes is a bit of fussy cutting!

Mirror-Image Patches & Border Print Diamonds
Border print diamond patches look great and are super-easy once you know Jinny's secret.
Creating Curves with Border Print
You can create the look of curves using small segments of border print fabric.  It takes some time, but the results are fantastic.