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Jinny Beyer's Color Secrets
In this new free video tip, find out the 4 essentials when choosing fabrics. It's easier than you think to create your own color palette.
Soft-Edge Piecing

What happens when you let a fabric's design motifs override the boundaries of a patchwork shape?  Jinny calls the technique soft-edge piecing and it makes for some really goregous blocks.

Choosing Quilt Colors with the Portable Palette

Jinny's Portable Palette is an indispensible tool for choosing colors for your quilts. Watch the video to see Jinny put it through its paces.

Working with Jinny's Perfect Piecer
The perfect piecer is a neat tool to help you create perfect points in your quilt and achieve even stitching lines.
Spoon Quilting
Jinny swears by an unusual tool to help her make her incredibly small and even quilting stitches -- it's a spoon!
Sewing Inset or Y-Seams

Y-seams scare off many quilters.  But if you can start and stop sewing on a dot, you can make a perfect set-in seam.  Here's how.

The Importance of Fabric Grain When Cutting Patches

To give yourself the best chance for blocks that lie flat and smooth, consider the fabric grainline when positioning your patches for cutting. Jinny gives you some tips!

Keeping Your Silk Thread from Slipping
Silk thread is so fine that it tends to slide right out of the eye of the needle. One solution is to actually tie the thread to the needle. The silk is so fine that that the knot does not interfere with the sewing.
Adding Binding to Quilted Projects

We've gathered together some of our favorite techiques for binding quilted projects with downloadable informationa and some great videos, too.

Using Jinny's Perfect Cut 60° Ruler

Make quick work of cutting, trimming and marking 60° diamonds and triangles.

Border Print Place Mat & Table Runner
Just six pieces and one fabric are all it takes to make this gorgeous project. Suitable for quilters of all levels.
An Introduction to Border Prints

Jinny introduces you to some of the secrets of her border print fabrics that make them ideal for quilters.

Magical Effects with Border Print Fabrics

Learn how to add some magic to your quilt blocks by incorporating patches of border print fabric.

Framing a Quilt with Border Print Fabric
Learn Jinny's easy, no-math method for framing a quilt with border print fabric.