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Hand Piecing

Hand Piecing and Even Stitches
Jinny is often asked how to achieve even stitches when hand piecing.  Her response:  it's all about the tension.
Joining Four Points

Looking to have your seams align perfectly in a four-patch or similar block. This tip is for you.

Working with Jinny's Perfect Piecer
The perfect piecer is a neat tool to help you create perfect points in your quilt and achieve even stitching lines.
Joining Six Points

When sewing six points together, sew the first three pieces and then the second three, and finally one straight seam will join the two halves together.

Joining Eight Points

When joining eight points, sew the first four pieces together and then the second four, and finally one straight seam will join the two halves. See how Jinny gets those seams lined up in this tip.