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Printing Templates Using Your Home Printer

We usually make our templates by placing semi-transparent template plastic over a pattern and tracing using a permanent marker. It's a quick process if you are making only a couple of templates. (Jinny demonstrates the process at the beginning of her Magical Effects with Border Prints video.) Sampler quilts are another story -- they might incorporate dozens of templates. We wanted to find a faster way.

The makers of Templar® brand heat-resistant plastic say you can print directly onto their plastic sheets using a laserjet printer. But most home printers are inkjet printers.

We tested printing using several inkjet printers and discovered that the printing smudged badly.

One of the differences between laserjet and inkjet printers is that laserjets "set" the ink when the paper rolls through two heated drums inside the printer. We wondered if an iron might do the trick. With a little experimenting, we found success!

We were able to successfully print on Templar® using inkjet printers with a two-step process:

  1. Print each template page separately (feeding one sheet at a time). Be careful not to touch the printed lines!
  2. Lay a piece of white tissue or paper on the printed side of the plastic and press with an iron set at the wool setting  for 5-10 seconds. Do not use steam and do not move the iron back and forth. A small amount of ink will transfer to your pressing tissue. Allow the Templar to cool before cutting out each template.

Every printer and iron is different so we recommend you experiment with your printer and iron settings to see if this will work for you. If you have lots of templates to make, this process can save you plenty of time!

We offer Templar® plastic in several product options:

Templar® Plastic - 10 sheets
Starstruck Template Essentials