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Border Prints: Creating Perfectly Matched Seams

When working with border prints to create kaleidoscopic effects inside of the patchwork block such as the squares, hexagons, octagons and triangles on pages 4-6 of the border brochure you cannot always just line up the cut edges of the pieces and expect the design to match perfectly.

Even though you work really hard to cut the pieces exactly the same they do not always match. This is just the nature of working with fabric. Fabric is not like a wall paper design where every thing is lined up perfectly. There is always a little distortion in the fabric and even though the mirror line on the template runs exactly down the middle of the mirror line on the fabric, it is possible that the right hand edge of the piece does not have exactly the same motif as the left side. Sometimes it is off by as much as an eighth of an inch.

What you need to do, when pinning the pieces for sewing is to line up the design, not the edges. If one of the pieces is off by an eighth of an inch, then the other side will be off by the same when you sew the other side. These off-set pieces will even each other out and the designs will line up perfectly.

Arrows indicate a motif that is not quite identical on both sides.
When pinning, match the motifs, not the edges.
What is creating a scant seam on one of the pieces will create a slightly larger seam on the other and in the end they evenout.