Quilt Details: Ray of Light

Ray of Light is one of the most-recognized American quilts. In 1977, at the height of the resurgence of quiltmaking, it won the Good Housekeeping and U.S. Historical Society contest for The Great American Quilt, besting 10,000 entries.

This traditional medallion quilt features a central compass design (look at those points!) and multiple "frames" of smaller compasses, sawtooth-edged blocks and incredibly fine quilting. Jinny used both American and Indonesian fabrics. It is featured on the cover of Jinny's book, Patchwork Patterns (now out of print.)

(The Hindi translation of "ray of light" is Kiran, which is also the name of Jinny's daughter who was born while the Beyers lived in India.)

Completed in 1977. Measures 80" x 91". (No pattern available.)


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