Quilt Details: Olde World Star

For this quilt, Jinny applied her soft-edge piecing technique to her original block, Olde World Star, incorporating appliquéd elements into patchwork shapes. (The blue flowers between the star points were appliquéd to the background triangles before the triangles were inset into the star points. This is the soft-edge piecing technique, detailed in Jinny's book, Soft-Edged Piecing, now out-of-print.)

This quilt itself uses more than 50 different fabrics -- although each star uses the same colors, Jinny varied the fabrics used from block to block to give the quilt greater visual interest.

A lover of fine, traditional quilts, Jinny cut out floral motifs from a fabric and applied them to the background squares between the stars with a tiny, hand buttonhole stitch. This technique, popular in the 18th century, is called Broderie Perse. Each of those squares took Jinny 25 hours to complete!

The applique, broderie perse, and Jinny's exquisite quilting all contributed to the time it took her to finish this quilt -- four years! Measuring 84" x 110", it is a masterpiece of traditional quiltmaking.

Completed in 1994. (No pattern available.)


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