Pattern Errata

We aim for perfection, but sometimes we fall short. Corrections to patterns will be posted here as we become aware of them.

Border Print Tree Skirt
Brewster's Choice
Cosmos - 2016 BOM
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Da Vinci
Delhi Quilt
Delhi Table Runner
Diamond Chain Table Runner
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Summer Lily
Summer Lily Table Runner
Turning Point Table Runner

Argyll Quilt

The correct yardage requirement for Fabrics 2 and 3 for the Java colorway only is 5/8 yard, not 1/3 yard. Diagram 5 on page 2, the units at the top and bottom of the quilt that are labeled B2 should be labeled A2. The units are in the correct position, only the labels were incorrect. Revised pattern posted February 26, 2014.

Ambrosia Quilt

The correct yardage requirement for Fabric 12 is a fat quarter (FQ), not 1/2 yard.

Bedfordshire Quilt

The cutting instructions for Fabric 5 and Fabric 6 for the Twin and Queen sizes are incorrect
Fabric 5: the Unit B squares should measure 9 1/4"
Fabric 6: the Unit A squares should measure 9 5/16"
The Wall size instructions are correct.

Border Print Tree Skirt

In the original pattern, the pattern correctly instructs the quilter to cut nine triangles of each border print motif. However the illustration on page 3 shows twelve of each being cut. The illustration in the downloadable pattern has been updated to show nine triangles of each motif. 

Brewster's Choice

The original pattern included instructions for cutting the B patches using a template or by cutting a square and then sub-cutting it on the diagonal into triangles. The latter method has been eliminated in the revised pattern. Using the template to cut the B triangles is more precise and we believe it will result in a more satisfying project for you.


On some copies of the pattern, on page 10, the fabric number labels for Unit B were omitted. It should be labeled as shown here.
Download a new page 10 with all fabric labels.



Templates - Although the pattern testers and many quilters have made the quilt without issues, some of the templates in the pattern did not match the size of the strip-sets exactly. We have recently re-drafted all of the templates to ensure their accuracy. Patterns wtih a "r11.03.2017" notation on the front cover have been updated. In addition, each template from the revised pattern include a "Catwalk 11.2017" notation. If you have a version of the pattern/templates without these notations, please download the Catwalk Revised Templates file below.
Catwalk Revised Templates

Wall Quilt
- The Cutting Layout illustration for Strip-Set 9 on page 5 of the pattern prior to 3/15/2016 is incorrect. The Dr pieces should be oriented as illustrated here, so the base of the triangle (under the ** arrow) runs along the lightest fabric strips.

Queen Quilt - The border cutting instructions for the QUEEN size Catwalk quilt are incorrect in pattern versions prior to 03/2016. In the Queen Pattern Notes/Step 5, the first bullet under Borders 1 & 3 should read:

  • two narrow stripes measuring 90" and two wide stripes measuring 113" for the top and bottom borders

Only the length of the wide stripes have changed. If you have already cut the wide stripes to the shorter length, there is a full-length wide stripe which can be used. From the unused stripe, cut two pieces measuring 40" and sew one to each incorrectly cut wide stripe, matching the fabric designs.

Queen Quilt - Plum Colorway Only - The original yardage for Fabric 30 is not sufficent if you prefer to use bias binding and you follow the cutting instructions in the pattern; it is sufficient for straight grain binding. If you purchased a kit containing 2-1/3 yards of Fabric 30 and you wish to use bias binding, download the instructions below for a cutting method that will allow you to complete the quilt without requiring extra fabric.
Queen Size Catwalk/Plum Colorway - Fabric 30

If making the blue colorway, reserve the remaining Fabric 5 fabric for the binding, not Fabric 3. In the original pattern, the Fabric Guide on page 5 was correct, but the instructions in Step 1 on page 1 were not.

The cutting instructions for Fabric 12 were originally omitted from the Pattern Notes for the Wall Size quilt. The pattern currently posted has that information or you can download it here.
Chelsea Wall Size Pattern Notes


The original pattern included an incorrect cutting layout for Fabrics 1, 4, 7 and 10 on page 7. The correct layout is provided below. The fabric yardage indicated in the pattern is sufficient to cut the required number of patches when they are layed out as shown in the revised layout.
Revised Cutting Layout Page (Page 7) 

In addition, the Block B image in Step 4 and the quilt images have been refined to better reflect how the fabric points come together in the center of the block.
Revised Block & Quilt Images

Cosmos - 2016 BOM

There were two errors in the original Border Print Cutting Guide on page 6 of the General Instructions. The page with the revised illustration can be downloaded here.

  • the M Templates on the first stripe illustrated are labeled incorrectly. The triangles incorporating the full stripe at the edge are used in Block 11; the other triangles, incorporating only a portion of the stripe, are used in Blocks 5 and 9.
  • for the Q patch to match the fabric design in the block exactly, the Q template must be moved up slightly on the border print stripe.

For Block 8, the Q patch including seam allowances would look like the illustration (right) when adjusted as described above.

In the Block 13 pattern, you should cut eight patches from Fabric 9 using Template QQ (not four).

Crayon Box

Some early version of the pattern have the following errors. Check your pattern and make any of the following corrections as necessary.

•  At Step 5 for Border 4, the fabric remaining after cutting the border should be reserved for the binding.

•  In the Tropics Colorway Guide only, the 6D, 6E and 6F units are mislabeled.  6D should be labeled 6E; 6E should be labeled 6F; 6F should be labeled 6D. Make two of 6D and one of each of the other units. A corrected image of the units is below.

•  In the Tropics Colorway Guide only, in Unit 2, two fabrics are labeled as 32. The upper left fabric in this unit should be labeled as 31 as shown below.



Da Vinci Quilt

The free downloadable pattern currently posted has all known corrections made.  If you downloaded the pattern prior to August 2011, you should make the following changes on your copy of the pattern:

  •  on page 1, change the yardage of Fabric 1 (Black) from 3 1/2 yards to 3 1/4 yards
  • on page 1 Cutting Directions, change the Fabric 1 cutting directions as follows:
    Fabric 1: the first set of strips should be cut 6 3/4" wide not 6 1/4" wide; and for the third set of strips, cut five strips (not 15) across the width of fabric and measuring 3 1/2"
  • on Figure 2 on page 4, the strip-sets in the Reverse Unit are labeled incorrectly: they should be numbered 6-5-4-3-2-1

Delhi Quilt

There is a typo in Step 1 of the pattern. In the last paragraph, you should use Template C to cut the triangles as instructed. (There is no Template A in the pattern.)

Delhi Table Runner

The cutting instructions for Fabric 9 should read, "Cut three strips 2" x WOF." The earliest version of the pattern reads "Cut two strips...." There is no change to the yardage requirements.

Due to the very large repeat length on the wide border print, we have updated the fabric requirements for the border print (Fabric 12) from 1/2 yard to 1 yard (01/28/2016).. Although a 1/2 yard is sufficient length, it's possible that the correct portion of the fabric design won't be contained within that length.

Diamond Chain Table Runner

The Border Print Cutting Layout diagram on page 5 is incorrect, showing too many instances of the stripes. Refer to the diagram here when cutting out the Fabric 8 B/Br patches and the End Strips.

Diamond Chain Tote

The original pattern included instructions for constructing the Front Zipper Pocket on page 2 (Step 6) with instructions to center the zipper along the 20.5" side. The pattern has been corrected to state that the zipper is centered along the 21.75" side.

Echoes Quilt

Fire colorway only: Fabric 10 for binding is the same as fabric 7 (2142-04). - The original pattern indicated that the binding was 2144-02.

Facets Quilt

The Colorway Guides have been revised to specify the strip width is 2½". The currently posted is correct.
The free downloadable pattern currently posted is correct. Earlier versions of the pattern had this error:

  • the Important Fabric Note on page 1 of the pattern should have recommended ¾ yard of fabric for the wide border, rather than 5/8 yard. (5/8 yard or 22½" is exactly the amount required to cut the border strips but a few inches extra allows for straightening the fabric.) This is only applicable if you are making the quilt using the pre-cut project Pixie Strips; the yardage provided on page 4 of the pattern is sufficient.

Florentine Quilt

Fabric 2 - The original pattern indicated that one of the half-strips cut was not used; all half-strips are used in the quilt. There is no change to yardage or cutting requirements.

Fabric 11 - To maintain the straight of grain at the top and bottom edges of the quilt, we recommend cutting the Fabric 11 (Gold)/Fabric 14 (Jewel) rectangles 19" x 32-3/4" (vs. the originally specified 19-1/2" x 32"). Although the original measurements will work, the revised dimensions will create a better-fitting triangle that keeps the outside edges on grain.

Four Winds Quilt

There is a correction to the Four Winds pattern that appeared in the January/February 2012 issue of McCall’s Quilting. Cutting Instructions for the Black print should be:
Black Print:

  • 9 strips 2 1/2” x width of fabric (WOF) for binding
  • 36 squares 3” x 3”
  • 144 squares 2 1/2” x 2 1/2”

Step 1 text should read:
Referring to Diagram I, and aligning as shown, stitch teal texture 4” strip to top of black print 3” square. In similar manner, add teal texture 5” strip to left side. Draw diagonal line on wrong side of black 2 1/2” square. Place marked square on corner where teal strips meet, right side together, aligning raw edges. Stitch on drawn line; trim away and discard excess fabric. Open and press to make pieced corner. Continue in this manner, adding strips and squares as shown to complete block A corner. Make 20.
Diagram I should show first black square to be 3”. All other black squares in Diagram I are correct at 2 1/2”.

Fractured Star

According to the Fons and Porter magazine corrections, Fractured Star, Love of Quilting, January/February 2013, under Pieced Diamond Assembly, step #4 should read:

4. Using 5/16" seam allowance, join 1 #1 segment, 1 #2 segment, and 1 #3 segment as shown in Pieced Diamond Diagram.

Gemstones Quilt

 If you downloaded or purchased  the pattern prior to September 2013, you should make the following change on your copy of the pattern:

On page 1, Step 2, if you are using a kit, the middle border fabric is provided in a 20" x 1 7/8 yard section. If you are not using a kit, cut 6 strips measuring 5" WOF. Make two lengths by sewing three strips together. From one length, cut 2 strips 54" long, from the second length cut two strips 48" long.

Golden Album Quilt Book 
  •  On page 10,  the directions for cutting the border should read as follows. (This correction was made to most copies before shipping.)
    From Fabric 12 [not Fabric 2]
    Border 2: Reserve four 63" strips of 2 3/4" border stripe
  • On page 36, the block size under the page title should read 10 1/8", not 6 3/8". All other information is correct.

Harlequin Charm Quilt

Four Framing Strips (rather than two) measuring 2" x 75" need to be cut from the black fabric. (The kit includes sufficient fabric.) The revised Cutting Layout is below.  In addition, change the second paragraph in Step 4 to read (change is bolded): As in Diagram 3, left, sew a long side of each unit to the 2" x 75" black framing strips. (You will need two 75" strips for each side.)


There is an error in Cutting the Background Fabrics. The last sentence, beginning "From the deep teal palm (Fabric 3) . . .", instructs you to cut an inccorect size. From Fabric 3, you should cut two 17½" squares (not 15 1/8" squares), then subcut them as instructed. 

Kashmir Quilt
All changes are on Page 1 of the pattern. The downloadable pattern was corrected on our website on 8/29/2011.

  • Step 2, Fabric 10: Set aside 3/4 yard for binding, not one yard as noted. This provides sufficient yardage to make double-fold, straight-grain binding.
  • Step 2, Half-Block Units, Fabrics 5 & 11:  The strips need to be cut 3  1/16" wide to match the template included in the pattern (vs. 2  7/8" specified). 
  • Step 2, Fabric 12: the Note on Cutting Border Print patches is on page 3, not the following page.

Migrations Table Topper
The pattern was corrected on 9/17/2014 and the following changes were made:
*  Page 2. The top image in the Note on Cutting Border Print Patches, has been corrected to show the correct template placement on the border print with the wider side of the lower Template A on the left side of the template instead of the right.
*  Page 3. The original Template A was mirror the mirror image and should be used face-down.
*  Flying Geese Foundation: Lettered pieces are 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Migrations Foundation F1-2 and F1-3 are 3"x 3 1/2". The cutting instructions on page 1 are correct.

Patterns purchased after 9/26/14 include these updates. For all versions, the third sentence of the first paragraph on page 2 should read:
Pin the patch to the foundation then place the next patch on top, right sides together, matching the fabric designs at the raw edges.

Moon Glow Quilt

Month 3 - Page 5. On the Foundation Pre-Cutting Guide, the fabric for Area 1-2 should be Fabric 6 as indicated. However, the acronym should be F-6 not F-26.

The pattern update for Palette #11 (released in January 2012) contained inaccurate cutting instructions on Page 1 of Month12. (The cutting widths were too generous.)  The cutting instructions have been updated and can be viewed and printed here:
Revised Moon Glow Block 12 Cutting Instructions

Navajo Winter

Diagram 5: The label "B" on the leftmost block in the fourth row down should be an upside-down "B". The block image is accurate; it is the label on the block which should be rotated.  

Nova Nouvelle

Wine and Foliage colorways only: The Patterns Notes should refer to the Border Print as Fabric 17.  

Pacific Rim Quilt

In Steps 3 and 6 on Page 2 of the original pattern, the amount the strips should be staggered was incorrect. The strips should be staggered 1¼" (not 2¼") to obtain the 45° angle.

In addition, Template D and the Fabric 9 cutting illustration (both on page 5) are incorrect; the template is reversed. Download the revised page below.
Download Revised Page 5 - Pacific Rim Pattern.

Parallel Table Runner

In Step 1 of the Cutting Guide, Fabric 6: Cut the four center strips 1-5/8" x 30" instead of the 1-5/8" x 27" indicated in the original pattern. If you downloaded the pattern after January 24, 2014, no correction is needed.

Pineapple Quilt

The cutting instructions for Fabric 8 were incorrect and should read to cut 3½" squares. 


Potomac Waves Quilt

Sew a scant ¼" seam on both sides of all the lines, then cut on the marked diagonal lines only. Press the seams towards the darker fabric.


Quilter's Sidekick

The phrase "and aligned with the 3 fold line" in "Fuse the Interfacing" in Step 3 should be deleted. The interfacing is fused to entire piece.

Safari Star

On Foundation A, the fabric number for positions 11 and 12 should be "Fabric 1 (Orange)/Fabric 9 (Teal)". The only change is for the teal colorway in these two positions. To highlight the change, you might also change the last sentence of the first pagragraph of Step 3 so it reads: "...Please note that the fabrics used in Foundation A/Positions 11 and 12 and Foundation B/Position 13 are diffrent for the Teal and Orange colorways."

Also, Step 4 (b) should read: Sew an A and a B foundation together along the bases.Repeat to make eight.


The grain line arrows in the Cutting Guides on pages 5 and 6 in the original pattern are incorrect. (They have been corrected in the version marked "r03.2016" on the front cover.) To ensure that the animals are "heads up" on the quilt, refer to the illustration here.


Renaissance Garden Quilt
The current pattern available for download is correct. Earlier versions of the pattern had this error:

  • one page 1/Step 1, the cutting instructions for Fabric 1 indicated that 36 squares measuring 4½" should be cut and then cut once on the diagonal, in lieu of using Template A to cut 72 triangles.The correct measurements for the squares is 4¼". 

Shenandoah Baskets Quilt

Month 12
In Step 2, the width of the Fabric 6 sashing strips was left out of the pattern. Change the last sentence in the second paragraph to read:
Cut a total of seventy-two strips measuring 1" x 14½" from these pieces.
In addition, 36 (not 24) sashing strips are required. The last sentence in Step 2 and the caption under the sashing strip should read Make 36.

Solstice (2013 BOM)
  • On page 1 of the Consolidated Cutting Instructions (available with the purchased version of the pattern only), there is an error for Fabric 1 - Alternate Block.  The cutting instructions for All Methods should read (24) 1½" x 6½", not 16½".
  • Block 1: Step 2 on page 1 should read Foundations, not Both Methods. If you are making the blocks using templates only, follow the instructions and illustrations on the following page in the section labeled Templates.
  • The Block 1 foundations are mislabeled on early versions of the pattern so the completed foundations don't match the pattern illustrations. Foundation 1-2 has a slight angle on the short side.
  • Block 9: In Step 3, the first small triangles are labeled 9-C; they should be 9-E. The instructions for that step should also refer to 9-E. (Corrected in downloadable version 09/10/2013.
  • Block 12: The steps "Making the Block" are Step 3. The text references to 12-A should be to 12-C. The illustrations are correct. 

Spectrum Quilt
The wrong measurement was provided for the length of the strip-sets at the end of Step 1.  The last line should read: Your strip-sets should measure 6" x 63".

Sophia Quilt

The strip cutting instructions on pages 4 and 5 of the Sophia pattern were revised since it's original printing. Please compare your pattern with the download version and use the download version. The yardage chart on page 7 was also revised.

Star Sapphire Quilt

In this pattern written by McCall's Quilting, the fabric descriptions for Fabrics 5 and 13 are switched. Fabric 5 is the purple/teal paisley (1/2 yd) and Fabric 13 is blue/olive paisley (3/8 yd).

Summer Lily Quilt

There are no problems with the downloadable version of the pattern.  However, Template J, as printed on the tissues that are part of the kit or pattern when purchased from Jinny Beyer Studio, is inaccurate. A corrected version of Template J is included here. If you downloaded and printed a copy of the pattern from the Jinny Beyer website, there is no need to print this correction.

Summer Lily Table Runner

The Colorway Guide at Unit C should read: Unit C: Make 2 using 10" strips.

Turning Point Table Runner

The strip length for Fabric 1/Position 1 on the Full Block foundation should be 8" not 6".  As a result, the cutting instructions for Fabric 1 in the Fabric Guides should be as follows:

  • All Fabric Guides for the Long table runner version: the bullet should read, "three each of 9¼" , and nine of 8"
  • All Fabric Guides for the Short table runner version: the first bullet should read, "one each of 8" and 9¼", and two of 9"
The foundation and cutting instructions were corrected in the online pattern on 12/12/2016.