Quick Impressions of India

December 01, 2010

I have just returned from a trip to India with Sew Many Places . . . and yes, I'm still working through the jet lag! There were 29 wonderful quilters on the tour, as well as Jim West and our Indian guide, Govind. Here's a picture taken by good friend, Ricki Selva, of all of us.  Notice how we're arranged shaded-by-color for the photo!

It has been 25 years since I was in India, but other than more traffic, it was very much the same. I know the time I lived in India greatly influenced the work I do today and the return visit just confirmed that. Borders, pattern and color abound and it is impossible to be there and not be inspired.

Here's a picture of me at the Taj Mahal with a sample of a border print fabric I designed years ago which was inspired by just this place! (Karen Coan took this shot.)

Here are just a two more images from the trip. I plan to write more about our experiences soon!

Beautiful dome at the Amber Palace in Jaipur
Vibrant color at the Camel Fair in Puskhar


    Happy Quilting!