Eleanor Burns Comes to Visit

June 02, 2011

This weekend is our local quilt guild's big show.  Quilter's Unlimited has eleven chapters and the three-day show boasts lots of educational sessions, a fantastic quilt show and an impressive variety of vendors.

Eleanor Burns is this year's guest lecturer and she dropped by for a visit before her official duties at the show began! Eileen and Judy from the guild were kind enough to bring Eleanor over. I showed her around my shop and then we headed to my house.

Yesterday had record-breaking heat and humidity but things changed overnight.  It was a perfect day to spent outside in the gardens -- sunny, (very) breezy and warm.  I tried to put Eleanor to work planting but she wisely begged off, saying she hadn't brought the right shoes!

One of my dogs, Gus, joined us for most of the visit.

Eleanor came by the shop first.
Gus took a definite shine to Eleanor.
Eleanor and I in front of my compass rose fountain in my Quilt Garden. (Those are the petunias I was hoping I could get her to plant!)
Gus takes a drink from the foundation.

It was a lovely to spend some time with Eleanor and the perfect excuse to push myself away from the computer and outside for a while.

Come back soon, Eleanor!

Happy Quilting!