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When you're traveling by plane, how are you able to sew?

  • Because of the security nowadays, I can't imagine they would allow you to bring along any scissors and if that's so, how do you work around this? What about pins, can you have them?

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Jinny's Answer

  • I travel constantly for business and to visit family and am never without a sewing project of some kind. So you can sew in airports and on planes if you plan ahead.

    If you are traveling within the U.S., you can bring on board scissors with pointed tips, as long as they measure less than four inches. (That's the case today; be sure to check the current TSA rules before you travel.)

    Outside the U.S., there is a chance your scissors will be taken. So when I am traveling abroad, I take a thread cutter. Clover makes a good one for less than $8 that we have on our website. I am fortunate to have some lovely quilters' tools made by Tommie Jane Lane, and she makes lovely sterling silver ones.  Another simple tool that works is a dental floss case!

    Interestingly, I have had no problems at any time with needles or pins. Do remember to bring a pin cushion or needle minder so you don't lose any in the seat cushion.  The next passenger will appreciate it!