The Dog Days of Summer

Sean and Luke at locker

Sean and Luke at the locker

This has been an unusual summer and gardening season for me. With reports of bears in my neighborhood, rabbits that managed to make their way into my fenced vegetable garden, deer galore and the yipping of coyotes and foxes at night, I feel that I’m in the middle of a zoo.

I also have tremendously more sympathy for people whose homes have been devastated by tornadoes and natural disasters. Tuedsay night, some type of weather system cut a narrow swath through Great Falls and we were right in its path. It was in and out in of the area in about 20 minutes, but in that time frame we had moth ball sized hail, hurricane force winds and one and a half inches of rain.

Trees in yardFortunately there was no damage to our home or the homes of a couple of neighbors who bore the brunt of the debris from our trees and everyone is safe. However, we lost at least a dozen huge pine trees along the perimeter of our property and about half a dozen others in various places around the yard.

Corn and sunflowersIn my vegetable garden several tomato cages were blown over with the plants uprooted, the corn and sunflower plants are laying flat on the ground. Here are just a few photos to show what I’m up to this week. Fortunately, I was able to salvage a few tomatoes and take them to the shop to share with my staff.

Tomatoes in bowl