BOM, Behind the Scenes

titleCardThis week Craftsy released the last segment of the 2015 Block of the Month class. It has been quite a journey over the past 20 months from the time they first contacted me with the proposal to the final lesson.

The first few months were spent working out the details of the contract and deciding on the direction of the quilt.  The contract was not signed until late May and filming of the lessons was scheduled for late August. There was a lot to be done in a very short period of time.

I designed the quilt, did a digital mockup, and received Craftsy’s approval of the design. Diane Kirkhart tested the pattern and made the actual quilt. She worked with me to make the step-outs and both of us worked non-stop on the project throughout the summer of last year. I never could have made the filming deadline without her help.

I was assigned a producer who basically created the script for the class. For two months, at least four times a week,  we had phone conversations of up to two hours going through all the details of production, what would be done when and what props and step-outs we needed.

4816_00_Headshots_235_retouched- smallFrom the get go, I wanted to design a quilt that had a lot of different techniques so that there would be something new each month. Blocks were organized by technique and difficulty with the easier ones being in the first months and the more complex ones coming later. Both hand and machine piecing tips were explained as well as two different applique techniques. Most of all, I wanted to pass on my love of hand piecing and the relaxation simple stitching by hand can bring.

Craftsy outfit- smallFor the filming I was told I needed 12 different outfits. I have seen shows where the clothes of the presenter clash with the quilt or project being shown, so I was determined that what I wore would coordinate with the colors of the quilt. I went through my closet and found some things that would work and then I went shopping to fill in the gaps.

I spent a week in Denver in August of 2014 with the producer and the filming crews. They were all wonderful and it was quite a hectic time. But we filmed all twelve months of lessons during that time, spent time on publicity shots, had to shut down for a period because a thunderstorm with hail pelted down and wreaked havoc on the sound system. But in the end we made the deadline. They were a great group to work with.

Was it a lot of work? Definitely yes! But when this note was posted the day the last class aired, it made all the work and effort involved worthwhile.

“Jinny, thank you so much for such a wonderful class. I loved that it forced me to slow down and enjoy the process. I found hand piecing to be very relaxing and forgiving as well as very sturdy. I always assumed it would not be as stable as machine quilting but I was wrong. I also love the softer feel of the hand piecing. I just can’t believe the talent you have and obviously the patience it took you to design this quilt. I am so grateful that you shared your talents with us……”

It is messages like that which warm the heart of any teacher and make all of the hard work worthwhile.

The 2015 Block of the Month class will remain on Craftsy as a free class. If you didn’t sign up, you still can do so. You can go back and watch segments over and over. Even if you don’t want to make the quilt, you may learn some new tips by watching the videos.

4816 Block of the Month-15- small bannerIf you enjoyed this class, in January we will be debuting my 2016 Block of the Month quilt, Cosmos. The quilt pattern is free to JINNY BEYER STUDIO newsletter subscribers and each month there will be a link to the pattern for that month.

Please join me for another block of the month!