Staff Profile – Carole Nicholas

CaroleIf you follow my blog, you know that every now and then I like to do a profile on one of my staff members. Today, I want to focus on a woman who I have known for 25 years.  Please meet my good friend, Carole Nicholas.

Carole has been quilting since 1972. It all started when she was living overseas in Africa. There, the wife of the British High Commissioner invited her over one day and taught her how to English Paper Piece. A few years later, she was reading Good Housekeeping magazine and noticed the grand prize winning quilt in their “Great American Quilt Contest” which sparked her interest.  Carole ripped out the article, saved it and decided to learn to quilt. Little did she know that she and I, the maker of that quilt, would cross paths and become the best of friends.

Carole-Life's Journey

Life’s Journey

Carole quilts

Up Into the Forest Canopy & Tourmaline II

Anyone who has seen Carole’s work knows that she is a wonderful quilter. I loved her work, her energy and her enthusiasm so I asked her to join my Hilton Head Seminar staff in 1990. She later became the Seminar coordinator, holding that position for 15 years.

Carole with Jinny in India

Carole-Guts and Glory

Guts and Glory

Carole-Underwater Charm

Underwater Charm

Carole is very active with Habitat for Humanity and, since 2000, has traveled around the world working on builds. Her quilts are inspired by her travels, the places she visits and the people and cultures she discovers along the way.

Carole in Jamaica

Carole in Jamaica

A member of Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends, Carole has the opportunity to explore new ideas and techniques with her fellow members and together they have shared their work with others across the country. She is also involved in organizing Sacred Threads, a biennial exhibition of quilts which touches viewers “on both spiritual and personal levels.”

Carole is never afraid to try something new and is always looking for her next adventure!

Carole is never afraid to try something new and is always looking for her next adventure!