New Block of the Month for 2017

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For the last several years I have been offering a free block of the month quilt pattern to subscribers to our monthly newsletter.

A few months ago, we sent out a survey asking what type and style of project you would like to see for next year’s Block of the Month and we have taken your suggestions to heart. The most popular design ideas were:

  • Wall hanging
  • Medallion style
  • Piecing and appliqué
  • Mystery quilt

For 2017, we have listened and took your suggestions. Instead of a full size quilt, the project is smaller, only 47” x 47”. It is medallion style and it is a mystery quilt with both appliqué and piecing. Instead of a block each month there will be portions of the design to put together.

I have designed the quilt to be a learning experience and it incorporates various piecing techniques so that by the time you finish you will be able to tackle any patchwork project.

Many of you know that I sew all my quilts by hand. One of the reasons is that handwork is portable and you can take it anywhere you go. I have seen a real resurgence of interest in hand piecing the last couple of years and this quilt is a great project to do by hand even if you have never tried hand piecing before. Each clue is a learning step to the next one and, if you choose to sew by hand, by the end of the year you will be an expert. If you prefer sewing by machine, the pattern is written for both hand and machine sewers.


Taping Take Two

Our classroom was transformed into a film studio to produce the videos for the new BOM mystery quilt. We were lucky to find a videographer right in our neighborhood, Adam Vogtman.


We will begin with simply sewing a straight line, then joining four points, curves, eight points, setting in seams, appliqué and so on. There will be video clips to go along with the clues with links to these in each newsletter. The quilt is not a huge project and you should easily be able to complete each clue during the month.

I have designed this quilt in the four colorways shown above. You can pre-order your kit and it will be shipped starting January 20th, so by the time the first clue comes out in February you will be ready to start!

In order to receive all the clues for the BOM, you must be a subscriber to our free monthly newsletters. The links to all patterns and videos will only be in our newsletter. If you have not yet signed up you can do so here.

Watch for more information on this program in Saturday’s newsletter. I hope you are as excited about this as we are.

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  1. Cynthia Woodham

    I look forward sewing along. Now to decide what colour way.

  2. David S

    Jinny! You are amazing to do this for all of us. Thank you so much!

  3. Mally

    I have been looking forward to the mystery BOM ever since you announced it would begin in 2017. I can’t decide on which color way either ; ) What an opportunity for us all to learn together! Thanks!

  4. Lila

    I wish I lived in US. Because 70,- USD for shipping to Germany is too much for me :(

    • We can fit the kit in a legal flat rate envelope to ship for $33.95 international, be sure to notate “cheapest shipping” in the special instructions box and we will help get it to you.

  5. Mirka Kimlová

    I am looking forward for some hand sewing :-))) .Thank you !

  6. Marlene Vermette

    Oh boy! Any excuse to use Jinny’s luscious fabrics – I’m eager to see how the coffee colorway will look. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the first clue! Thanks, Jinny.

  7. Marlene Laraway

    Are the pre-printed templates included in the kit or are they extra?

  8. gail anderson

    Always been intrigued with Jinny Beyer’s use of color. Looking forward to some inspirational lessons!

  9. Theresa atkinson

    I tried to sign up for your newsletter so I can start the 2017 mystery quilt and it said that there was something wrong with the link. I tried a few times with the same answer. Is there a way for me to sign up. Thank you

  10. Sue King

    Thanks so much for another inspirational BOM project to look forward to this year, Jinny!

  11. Freddie

    I hope I signed up for this. Love your designs.

  12. Blanca García

    Magnífica propuesta la de este quilt “misterioso”. Tenemos todo un año por delante para aprender de una excelente profesora. Muchísimas gracias también desde España.

    • Translation- Magnificent proposal the one of this quilt “mysterious”. We have a whole year ahead to learn from an excellent teacher. Many thanks also from Spain.

  13. Glenda Britain

    The link will not let me sign up for the newsletter. I would like to do the sew along.

  14. Ruth Wildermuth

    Excited to start the mystery Quilt

  15. Fran Rasweiler

    Looking forward to Feb , my birthday month. Love working with color. Looks like a lot of fun just doing piecing parts each month. Thanks. FR

  16. Halina D

    Is the shipping to Canada for the BOM $33.95?.
    Typically your Canada shipping prices are less. Thank you.

  17. Tena

    I am looking forward to doing this mystery quilt. Decisions now which color?

  18. Hettie beukes

    I am so excited to join you all, but will it be possible to sent it to New Zealand as well.

  19. Ellen Prince

    Thank you for taking the time to do another gorgeous quilt class :) But, can I please ask, do we need the kit to do this or can we use our own fabrics? This looks exciting :)

    • You can absolutely use your own fabrics. The videos and patterns are free as long as you are a newsletter subscriber. We would love to see what you come up with!

      • Ellen Prince

        Thank you so much :) <3 <3

  20. Heather Thompson

    I am looking forward to this Block of Month as I am going to hand piece for the first time, so am using this quilt to learn. Thought this would be a great opportunity as I am having a knee replacement done so will not be able to use the sewing machine. I was disappointed to see on the web site that I have to now wait for the Peacock colourway, never mind the wait will be worth it for those beautiful fabrics.
    Thanks Jinny for your beautiful fabrics and quilt designs.

  21. Betty Combs

    enjoyed your recent Blog. Thank you for your continued creative, wonderful sharing. BC

  22. Linda Becker

    Received quilt kit. Can hardly wait to get started!

  23. agostini etiennette

    tres interessee par ce projet , le travail de jenny est toujours admiratif

    • Translation: Very interested in this project, jenny’s work is always admiring

  24. Kathleen Goligher

    I would love to join your block of the month quilt it looks amazing

  25. Mali Lenz

    Please send me your Newsletter.

  26. Kathleen Goligher

    This is a beautiful pattern I would to join this

  27. Ethelda Hillsman

    Sign me up for the BOM.

  28. Teresa Cumberlidge

    What is everyone talking about when they refer to” color way”, I would like to try this.

    • There are four colorways available for the Moroccan Mystery quilt, be sure to choose your favorite here if purchasing a kit.

  29. Rita Larson

    I’m, Rita Larson from Milan, TN USA having problems signing up for your newsletter. Excited about this years BOM. Hoping this is enough info to start receiving the newsletter.

  30. Lori

    Where do we find BOM supply list ?

    • Many of the supplies needed are part of our weekly web special this week, which you can find here. We also will provide more details with the first clue in February’s newsletter.

  31. Kathleen Reynolds

    I received my coffee colour way mystery quilt and preprinted templates in the mail today in Manitoba, Canada, a day earlier than I even expected it to ship. Wow! What a nice surprise! You all HAVE been working hard. Thanks so much. I can’t wait for the mystery to start.

  32. Lucy

    The farbic is beautiful. Looking forward to doing the mystery BOM.

  33. Nora

    Look forward to a creative year with your BOM. Thank you!

  34. Barbara

    Do you sent the kit every month or is it a one time cost of mail

    • If you order the kit, we will send it once to you and then each month if you subscribe to the monthly newsletter, you can download the pattern and watch the videos.

  35. Kathleen Goligher

    Sign me up for news letter

  36. Betty

    Can’t wait till the first part is shared!

  37. colleen

    Bom. How much? Payment monthly or kit $ ??

    • The kit is available on our website by clicking here. The patterns and videos are free if you subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

  38. Joan

    I so look forward to becoming better at sewing by hand. Can’t wait to follow along.
    …just a beginner.

  39. Paula Chipman

    Will there be a list of fabric requirements? If so, how can I get it? Thanks for the continuous inspiration!

  40. Angela Tonyan

    I can’t wait to get started!!!

  41. Beth campbell

    HI – I am thrilled to have the chance to do this! I tried to sign up and the shipping for me was 43.00. I notice in an above message you said shipping was 23.oo to Canada. I live in Calgary Canada – how do I change the shipping cost on my order?
    Beth Campbell

    • Sometimes our website will over estimate the shipping. We will revise the shipping prior to processing your order. In the special instructions, be sure to include your above note and well as the note: cheapest shipping.

  42. Lin Squires

    I would like to order the BOM Kit Crimson and the templates. Do the templates come automatically with the kit or are they a separate order. When I try to order both on the web, it does not let me do so. HELP

    • The templates are a separate item, they are available on this page under “kit options.” If you need help ordering, feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373 and we would be happy to help.

  43. RaeAnne Lollar

    Hi Jinny,

    We knew each other in the late 70s and I can’t wait to work on one of your designs. Always loved your border prints. I am still a hand piercer and quilter too. Got my package today! Yea! RaeAnne

  44. Phyllis Vlasaty

    I think I already get the newsletter but I’m not positive. Ordered my kit today and templates. Hope I did it correctly. I think I’m getting all fabric plus borders and the template paper. If this is not correct let me know and I will order the borders separate. Do I need any other supplies? I was looking at the small round cutting board that rotates. Do I need this?

    • It sounds like you are all set to go. The supply list will be provided with the first clue which comes out on Saturday, February 4. If you are not sure, feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373 as we are happy to help.

  45. Evelyn Carl

    I have my kit and I have signed up for the newsletter several times over last year and in January this year. Still no sign of the block of the month. When does it start and if it has started, why am I not getting the first clue?

    • The first clue will be in the newsletter that comes out on Saturday, February 4 around 6:00 in the evening so be on the lookout!

  46. Lois Clark

    This sounds like sooo much fun!!! First time and I am anxious about it and very happy! Long been a fan!!!!!!

  47. Shirley Ringleb

    Look forward to a beautiful quilt!

  48. Joan

    Can’t wait to get started.

  49. Wilma

    Hi Jinny, what a beautiful bom for 2017. I immediatly fell in love. Can’t wait to start with it. Unfortunately i live in the netherlands so it is to expensive for me to order the fabrics but i love the colors you choose. Many greetings from a dutch fan of you and your quilts.

    • Feel free to use fabrics from you stash and sew along with us. We would love to see what you come up with!

  50. Rita Gronberg

    Can’t wait to start BOM 2017

  51. Diane Okeson

    I am so excited. I have never done a mystery quilt before and love Jinny and her quilting. Have I messed up and missed the start of the block of the month? I have purchased the kit and pattern and keep waiting for the start. I have registered and received the newsletters in the past. Thanks for doing this BOM. Diane

    • No, you are not too late. The first clue will come out this Saturday, the 4th so be on the lookout.

  52. Dino Candelaria

    If we choose to use our own fabric, will one of the lessons include how much of each shade?
    I see nine shades from very dark/black to very light without the border. I have some but need to get a few more(and Feb is my birthday month too, and I get a 20% discount on my next purchase from our local quilt store)

    • All the information you need will be in the first clue and video on Saturday. Jinny addresses in the video what to do if you want to use your own fabric.

  53. Regina

    I just subscribed for your newsletter because i love the bom of 2017 and would like to get the paterns very much. My cousin pointed me to your site. Love my cousin now. Thank you, waiting for your first email ☺. Greetings from the netherland, Regina

  54. Wayne Eric Miller

    looking forward to the BOM

  55. JoRene Leopard

    I am eagerly awaiting the first clue. My fabric and notions/tools have come in and I am ready!

  56. Sue King

    I am very excited to get started when tomorrow’s newsletter arrives in my in-box! I love mysteries and the smaller size will be a refreshing change from the bed quilts I have been making. Seriously thinking about hand-piecing, too… Mmmm

    • We hope you do give hand piecing a try. Jinny has taught many of us on the staff and, she’s right. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in those “found moments.”

  57. Mary Anderson

    I have my fabric and am chomping at the bit to get started. Cannot find the directions for first set of Mystery 2017.. Have you published it?

    • The newsletter will be going out this evening around 6:00 pm so be on the lookout in your inbox for clue #1!

  58. Rosalie Roedell

    When I did not receive the monthly newsletter today (2/4/17) I realized that I must not have signed up for the newsletter. I thought I signed up ages ago. I purchased the fabric and the templates and have received them. I am all ready to start the Mystery BOM, but no instructions. I have now signed up for the newsletter. Is it possible to receive the February, 2017 newsletter with the BOM instructions?

  59. Muriel Roberts

    I know I am already signed up for the monthly newsletter, but I have not received it today. I was expecting the first instalment of the 2017 BOM . Perhaps there is some delay in the issue or have I been missed out in the posting?

  60. Christa Dorion

    I always love all your Fabric’s and Design’s. Looking forward to see the Mystery Quilt.

  61. Judy Davis

    Can not find the link to the first clue. I signed up for the newsletter early last month. How am I missing the link? Thank you Judy Davis

    • The link for the first clue is in the newsletter under “Clue 1″ towards the very bottom. If you are not sure, please call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373 and we would be happy to help.

  62. Dino Candelaria

    I only have 1/2 yrd of the number nine fabric. I see the 1 yard includes the binding.
    I am wondering if 1/2 is enough if I do the binding out of another fabric? I have one in mind that would tie all my colors together.
    (my local store had a sale so I went out and got fabric before the newsletter came out. but I can go buy more before it is all gone

    • Dino Candelaria

      I went ahead and bought more of the two colors I was short, besides who can have to much batik?

  63. Dianne Matravers

    How do I print the instructions for the morrocan wall hanging. I’m already receiving the newsletter?

    • When you click on the links from the newsletter, it will take you to the pattern. Here you can open the PDF links and save the files to print them.

  64. Connie

    Thank you! I look forward to doing this mystery.

  65. Muriel Roberts

    All ready and eager to get started on BOM, but disciplining myself to finish Jinny’s table topper first.

  66. Grace Cottingham

    You demonstrated cutting the squares using the material that you needed 32 squares of by cutting strips and then cross cutting into squares. You mentioned that you need to be frugal with the material, so I would like to know when you use the materials that only require 4 squares, can you still cut a strip and then just 4 squares, or do you need to frugally cut just 4 squares from your fabric? Will cutting one whole strip leave you with not enough for the rest of the project?

    • All of the fabric for the kits include a little extra in case of an error. The fabrics that are cut 9″ x 10″ are only used in Clue 1. So there is more than enough of the fabric to cut the four squares from a strip or from templates and to have enough extra if an error is made.

  67. Carmen salcedo

    Ya me he inscrito y comprado las telas y las plantillas. Estoy emocionada e impaciente porque admiro sus diseños y trabajo y hace años que quiero hacer algo suyo.
    Saludos desde el Sur de España

    • Translation: I have already registered and bought the fabrics and insoles. I’m excited and impatient because I admire her designs and work and I’ve wanted to do something for years.
      Thank you.
      Greetings from the South of Spain

  68. nancy s taylor

    hi, I signed up for BOM and got kit and thought it was going to sart first sat in feb and have not seen anything yet? am I missing it? or didn’t get it. And yes I signed up for newsletter. :-0) ANy thoguhts


  69. Jocelyne

    I want to buy the fabric for the BOM, is it too late?

  70. Toni Carter

    Jinny is my idol, and one day I hope to be half the quilter she is. Thank-you Jinny for sharing your wonderful gift with us!!! Your works are absolutely beautiful!!!



      Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter so that you can participate in the 2017 BOM.

  72. Mary Wallin

    Looking forward to a new project. However, I’m having difficulty printing the templates to the right size. I’ve tried every way that’s available and my “square” is 1/8th of an inch off. I’ve never had a problem printing the templates on the other projects I’ve done thru your website or email. Any suggestions?

    • If you open the file as a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, when you go to print, make sure your size option is set to “Actual” otherwise it will try to fit to page and your square will be off. If you have problems, feel free to call the shop toll free 1-866-759-7373 and we would be happy to talk you through it.

      • Mary Wallin

        Thanks for the info. We went to a different computer/printer and realized we were downloading to internet explorer instead of adobe reader. We had adobe reader and thought it automatically went to that. Not computer savvy. I learned something new!

  73. candy

    I signed up for the newsletter (would have done so sooner but life got in the way!). Is there a way to go back and get the clues for the first block?

    • When the March newsletter comes out, you will have access to the first block.

  74. Julie

    Good Morning,

    I have downloaded the printed materials but was unable to save the video. Is there a secret or are we not supposed to save it?

    Thanks, Julie

    • At this time you are unable to save the video but they will remain accessible throughout the entire year.

  75. Bev Hroch

    Looking forward to this quilt !!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Sharon king

    Hi Jinny I am a bit slow this year just finishing your quilt BOM2015, so I am very excited to start this one although im not sure how to order the pattern or is it on line .

    • Congratulations on finishing the 2015 BOM. In order to start the 2016 BOM, just sign up for the monthly newsletter like for the 2015 and you will be able to download the patterns for free each month.

  77. Betty

    I belong to your news letter but did not receive the January or Febuary news letter. I’m just happy I went to your site today to find a pattern. Please put me on and where can I get the news letter. Thank You.

    • It looks like you were only signed up to receive the weekly web specials. We have updated your preferences so you should receive the monthly newsletter this coming Saturday.

  78. Sandra Haggett

    Interested in the block of the month.

  79. Joanie Hallin

    I received packet for BOM but where are directions??? Ordered 2/22/2017

    • The directions are available through the monthly newsletter which you can sign up for on our website here.

  80. Julie hendrick

    Hi, I signed up for newsletter in Jan. And got the ok message.
    I did not get a feb newsletter with bom instructions. The facric came.
    What did I not do?
    Julie hendrick

    • It looks like you are signed up correctly and the newsletter was sent to you on 2/4- did you check your spam folder? The March newsletter comes out this Saturday evening. If you do not receive this one, please e-mail and they can help you out.

  81. Ira L Inman

    I have not received any info on the BOM since receiving my kit. Can you check and be sure I am on the mailing list? My email changed last year and may not have gotten changed on your newsletter. It is: Thanks. Ira

    • It looks like you are signed up for the newsletters and you received the Feb. newsletter with the directions for clue one of the BOM. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373 if you still have problems.

  82. Monika

    I’m a month late to the party, but looking forward to the March newsletter later today and the Coffee fabrics kit I just ordered! I have done some hand piecing in my life, but never hand quilted. Love the colors!

  83. Sandra Hustedde

    Thanks so much for this BOM project

  84. Johanna

    I love to quilt by hand and look forward to sie what comes

  85. Dorothy Creeron

    I have been unable to get the March Moroccan Clue. I go in on jinny beyer newsletter. It tells me to go to newsletter subscriber e-mail. That does not work either. I go in on my email , nothing – email spam nothing. Please help me figure out how to get my clues.
    Dottie Creeron

    • It looks like you received the newsletter and you opened it today. The clue is at the very bottom of the newsletter. Let us know if you have any other problems opening the clue.

  86. Charlotte

    Just ordered my kit. Can’t wait for it to get here. Thanks for these lessons Jenny, it
    is appreciated.


    I love your quilts they are all so beautiful and so rewarding when your done . I have made one and wish i could make them all.

  88. Sharon

    I just signed up for the newsletter and BOM 2017. I have placed the order for the material and templates. Will I have access to Feb and March lessons? How will I find them? I look forward to doing some hand piecing again. I love your patterns and colors!

    • Yes, the newsletter will go out this weekend (Saturday evening) and from that link, you will have access to all previous clues and videos. Have fun!

  89. Mona Fox

    I did not receive the April newsletter. Waiting for clue no. 3

    Thank you.

  90. Joanna Haught

    Have not received my clue for this month. Two of my friends have received theirs..
    Thanks for sending . Joanna

  91. Guilitta

    I subcribt for the bom 2017 3 times, but i become no newsletter with the bom. Last year I became it evry month. This year happend nothing. What have I besits the supcription to do to get the bom??????

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Greeting Guilitta from Germany.

  92. Joyce Hilliard

    I need to be placed on the mailing list for directions for block of month. I purchased the kit and signed up for.newsletter but have not gotten directions yet.

    • It looks like you re-subscribed to our newsletter after the April one went out. The next one will be coming out on May 6th in the evening which you should receive. You will be able to catch up on all past lessons from that link. If you don’t receive the monthly newsletter on that date, please call us at 1-866-759-7373 so we can help.

  93. Cindy Ellwood

    Just received my Crimson fabric to start my block a month mystery today. I am behind but that is ok. Looking forward to it.

  94. Faye O'Neal

    looking forward to this project. I have never done applique before. This sounds very exciting!

  95. Zuladawn Hall

    I received the kit this last week. I just love the colors that I picked out and am looking forward to getting started. However, I haven’t received any newsletters. When is the first clue supposed to begin? Also, there was a note in the kit to make sure that everything that was supposed to be there was actually there, but there was no list of what was supposed to be included to use as a check list. Is there a resource that tells us what is supposed to be in the kit? I’m just curious and anxious to begin. Thanks.

    • Glad that you are joining us for the 2017 BOM! The first clue went out in February in the newsletter. You can still get caught up and have access to all the previous clues. Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter here and you will receive the newsletter in your inbox this Saturday after 5:30 EST.

  96. Jacque Eichelberger

    How do I sign up for the 2017 free BOM mystery quilt?

    • You can sign up for our free monthly newsletter here. When the August newsletter goes out, you will be able to get caught up with all the clues and videos for the BOM.

  97. Susan

    How do I get the newsletter?

    • You can sign up here. The next newsletter will be coming out on Saturday, August 5th in the evening (EST).

  98. Peggy Fitcher

    I would like to participate in the mystery bom. Is it too late

    • No, it is not too late. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter here and when the August newsletter arrives the first Saturday of the month in your inbox, you will be able to download all previous clues and watch the videos.

  99. diane

    I am not receiving your posts on Moroccan quilt series, have been saving money to buy fabric to make and june was last time I received ant information??????

    • Hi Diane, I don’t see your e-mail address that is listed above as being on the newsletter distribution list. Please e-mail to confirm the e-mail address and we will make sure you get signed up. At that time, they should be able to send you the August newsletter so that you can get caught up.

  100. Cheryl Turner

    I have had this package of block of the month for sometime now. I keep requesting your newsletter so I can follow along and see the videos of how to assemble. Still have’nt received anything . I know it is released the first Saturday of the month. Can you help me? My Moroccan Mystery is a real mystery. Thanks, Cheryl

    • I see that you are signed up and have received the newsletters and the weekly web specials since July to the address on this post. Please make sure that you have on your safe list. I have forwarded you a copy of the August newsletter from The next newsletter comes out this Saturday at 5:30 EST.

  101. Sheila King

    I have gotten all of the clues for Moroccan Mystery until September 2017.
    What happened? Help.

  102. Carol S. Davis

    If it is not too late, I would love to sign up for the block of the month class. I have completed two Jinny Beyer quilts and have two more kits to put together. I ADORE Jinny’s colors and kits. Please advise if I may sign up at this late date – thanks!

    • Absolutely, you can still sign up here and you will receive the next newsletter that comes out on the first Saturday in October.

  103. Pauline Dyck

    I purchased the kit a long time ago and am having difficulty downloading the instructions. Have tried on my ipad and my laptop to no avail.
    please help

  104. Michelle

    I am a bit late to the game! end of sept. But I can’t wait to receive my packet!! hoping I get the news letter this weekend as this will be the first weekend of the month!! Better late than never. I have been quilting for 10 years on machine. 35 years ago I took a hand quilting course and loved it. Maybe I will try this again!

  105. Dana Pellerin

    I recently deleted the newsletter with the patterns as I thought I had them al but I am missing # 7. Will I be able to get the pattern? Thanks. Dana

    • Yes, you will be able to download all patterns from the November and December newsletters.

  106. Verna R Piper

    I still have not received the newslatter with the mystery quilt directions. Would you please send it to the above email address. I have enjoyed making the block of the month directions for October. Thank you . Verna Piper

  107. Bonnie L Thiem

    I can’t wait for the new BOM coming. Keep up the great work.

  108. silvia herman

    Buenisimo,lo esperamos ansiosas,graciasssssssss

  109. Sharon Bell

    Love the quilt shown in the background when you were doing the shooting for the 2017 quilt….is there going to be a pattern/kit for that beautiful quilt?

  110. Sharon Bell

    would love to know the name of the quilt behind you… is fabulous!

  111. cathy schaefer

    i receive the newsletter and wanted to download Moroccan Mystery but i cant find where to download it from, it says it is free until January 2018.

    thank you

    • The download link is at the bottom of the newsletter. This link will take you to the page with the PDF downloads for each month along with the videos.

  112. Melanie Jackson

    How do I get the 21017 Mystery BOM? I thought I was signed up, but I’m not sure, so I signed up again.

  113. Lorrene Jurgens

    I have gotten the newsletters for the Mystery quilt but I have never been able to get to the actual link for the video. I have tried on my Mac, IPad and then on my computer. I don’t know what I am missing. Please help before I miss all the links and can’t download anymore. I was not able to get to the quilt this year. Thanks.

    • I’m sorry that you had trouble with accessing the videos. The link for the videos page is at the top of the pattern download page. Please contact the shop at 1-866-759-7373 so that we can help you get to the video page.

  114. Melody Davis

    Looking forward to this learning experience.

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