Take Me Out to The Ball Game!

Jinny with zucchini

With a large zucchini from my garden….getting ready to go to the baseball game!

Fires, earthquake, train delays and a 4 nothing sweep of the Giants over the Nationals.

So, my husband, one of my sons and I embarked on a cross country flight to San Francisco to visit our other son and his wife for a long weekend. Why choose this weekend? Because our Nationals baseball team would be playing the San Francisco Giants and we had never been in the Giants AT&T Park……and we are great Nats fans.

BBB2The first morning when I woke up I smelled smoke. Sure that there was a fire nearby, I woke up everyone in the house. Actually the winds had shifted and we were smelling the smoke and seeing the haze from a fire burning north of Napa.

Even though the Nats had lost the first two games in the series to the Giants, I donned my Nats gear (including the Jason Werth garden gnome hat made by my friend Barb) and we all went off to Saturdays game. I was a littled disgruntled that my son and his wife were going to root for the Giants!


My two sons and my daughter-in-law….some of whom were rooting for the opposite team!

Well as optimistic as I was ,we lost 12-6. But it was fun being with family and in a new baseball park and I must say that the Giants fans were awesome…..welcoming us and hoping we had a good time, etc.

My husband and I enjoying the game.

My husband and I enjoying the game.

We watched the game on TV on Sunday and I got a lot of stitching done on our Shop Hop, Quilters Quest quilt.

BBB4Then on Monday morning, just as we were getting ready to leave for the airport, there was a 4.0 earthquake with the epicenter near by. It was enough to delay the Bart train to the airport and we barely made our flight.

I sat next to a very interesting woman on the way home and we became fast friends as we shared small business advice, sewing and much more. I’ll save that for a future blog.