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Omnigrid Mini-FoldAway Portable Station and the Fabulous Bloc-Loc

The Omnigrid Mini-FoldAway is a small but mighty tool. When folded, it just takes up a mere 7"x7" but what's inside is indispensable. On one side, you'll find a gridded cutting mat perfect for trimming or cutting around templates; on the other is a non-stick ironing surface. It's perfect for classes and travel or even right next to your sewing machine.

Save over 20% this week on the Omnigrid Mini-Foldaway on sale for only $16.50!

Square up a half-square triangle in less than half the time. No more "ruler rock" with Bloc_Loc. The channel locks onto the seam and slides to make a perfect square cut every time. Just talk to any member of the Studio staff and they'll tell you the Bloc_Loc Ruler is our "go-to" tool for making half-square triangles.

Regularly $24, the Bloc_Loc Ruler is on this week for only $18.95, a savings of over 20%.

Save more by ordering both these popular gadgets. Buy both the Omnigrid Mini-FoldAway and the Bloc_Loc Ruler for just $33.95!

UPDATE:  Wow!  You all really surprised us with this special.  We have re-ordered the Bloc_loc and the Omnigrid Mini-FoldAway.  These items are due to arrive back in stock in the next few weeks.  We apologize for the delay.  We will do all that we can to process and get your orders out as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

Special prices effective through June 30, 2015 at midnight EDT or while supplies last.
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