• Price: $55.00

Custom made in Virginia for Jinny Beyer Studio, this fabulous, hand-made box is perfect for storing your sewing and quilting essentials. The box lid is ingeniously designed to use a 6" x 12" ruler, including Jinny's Perfect Cut 60° Diamond Ruler.

The box measures 6½" x 12" and is 2½" deep.  It is hand-crafted from oak with dovetail joints and has a composite bottom. It will securely hold your sewing supplies (not included!) and even project pieces.

Several options are available:

The Box Only is perfect if you already have a 6" x 12" quilters' ruler.

The Jinny Beyer Edition Box includes the box, Jinny's Perfect Cut 60° Diamond Ruler, and a wedge-shaped insert to complete the lid.

If you already have Jinny's Perfect Cut Ruler, the Box w/Insert is the option for you.

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