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Many quilt patterns require the use of templates for specially shaped patches. Jinny's Template Essentials Kit includes these must-haves:

Templar® Template Material.Print the Starstruck templates on this heat-resistant material using your home printer. (Be sure to see our tips on using inkjet printers.)
Includes 10 sheets measuring 8½" x 11.

1/16" Hole Punch.This simple tool makes such a difference.  Use the Hole Punch to make 1/16" holes in template plastic or cardboard -- perfect for markihg seam intersections or sewing lines.

Tailor's Chalk. This is Jinny's favorite for marking around templates. It is easy to hold, glides smoothly and can be easily sharpened with sandpaper for a very fine line.
One yellow chalk triangle.

Jinny Beyer Studio Mechanical Pencil. This lead pencil marks cleanly and clearly on medium to light fabrics.

Ultra-Fine Sharpie Markers. Use these tools to mark sewing lines, grain line arrows, fabric design motifs and other crucial information on template plastic.
Two markers: red and black.

You save almost 10% on this convenient bundle.

To add on Jinny's Perfect Piecer, select the Essentials Plus option. The Perfect Piecer, an ingenious tool designed to help quilters achieve perfect points and even stitching lines.
See Jinny demonstrate the Perfect Piecer.

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