Product Details: Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilt Kit

Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilt Kit

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An intricate but simple-to-sew quilt is just hours away. You cut large squares from Jinny's striped fabric, then cut the squares into triangles and re-sew matching triangles together. Yes, it's that simple!

No special tools or special sewing knowledge is required.  The "wow" factor comes from using Jinny's terrific border print fabric and Kay Nickols' "slice the square" technique. (The images show a variety of the possible blocks.)

Two sizes and seven main fabric options are available. (Sample blocks shown for each colorway but there are lots of possibilities for different layouts.) The book is also available separately.

Sample blocks are shown as examples of what can be done with these borders.

  • Price: $91.95

Product Details

Kit Includes:

Fabric for the quilt, accent border and binding is included, as is Kay Nichols' 64-page book, Wonderful 1-Fabric Quilts. If you already have the book, a kit option that does not include the book is also available.

For tips on using Jinny's border prints with Kay Nichols' techniques, download our free tip sheet.

Finished Size:

The size of your finished quilt will vary depending on the width of the border print you'll use. The four-yard version will create a quilt approximately 60" square, and the eight-yard version will create a double bed-sized square quilt.

Backing Required:

Exact amounts depend on the border print selected; approximately 3½ yards (small kit), 8 yards (large kit).

Skill Level: Beginner

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