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JINNY BEYER STUDIO is staffed by a small group of avid quilters with very diverse backgrounds. Most of us work something less than full time so we still have time to sew! On any one day, you’ll find some combination of us cutting fabric for you, making kits, packaging orders, or hunting for some good fabrics to coordinate with a swatch you sent us. One thing you can count on:  3:00 is Cookie Time!  (One of the "elves" bakes a new batch every week.)

Jinny is our “big boss”.  Although she does most of her work at home, she lives nearby so you’ll find her here often helping out when we’re overwhelmed with orders or by a tour bus of quilters! She is always happy to sign a book, kit or pattern for you.
Barb is our Quilt Project Engineer.  An engineer by trade, she found her passion in quilting years ago. She has been a regular contributor to Machine Quilting Magazine.
Jane is our Shop Manager, responsible for making sure that the shop and website are humming smoothly.  We give her all the hard stuff!


Diane and Dana handle orders from our website on a daily basis. They take your calls, make up your orders and package them up for shipping. Diane is also a master appliquér, and Dana has some serious fashion sewing chops!
Elaine writes the Studio's patterns, maintains the website, and comes up with creative things to add to Jinny’s “to-do” list!

Here's the entire staff of Jinny Beyer Studio after our 2014 holiday party.  You'll find these ladies on the shop floor regularly.  But they’re also our website “elves” – responsible for making up the kits, cutting the fabric and pulling together the notions and gifts you order online. From left to right, they are:(1st Row) Carole, Julia, Barb, Karen; (Second Row) Linda, Eunice, Jane, Rebecca, Lura, Nancy; (Third Row) Sharon, Janet, Diane, Kristi, Elaine, Jinny, Dana.