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200th Free Quilt Block Posted!

March 01, 2012

Fox and Geese, the 200th Quilter's Design Board block

Now quilters have access to 200 free quilt blocks on Jinny Beyer's Quilter's Design Board.

On March 1, the 200th block, Fox and Geese, was posted on the site.  For years, Jinny has regularly posted new blocks to her unique quilter's design space. Jinny "colors" each block with fabrics that she's designed.  She also provides templates in sizes to make 6", 10" or 12" blocks, as well as an assembly diagram in the Template Guide.

From any block in the system, clicking on the blue Launch Design Board button shows the quilter how the blocks look set together.  The quilter can then change the number of blocks in the quilt, change the borders, and get a fabric and yardage requirements guide automatically.

Clck here to visit the Quilter's Design Board.