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Jane Allingham - Jane brings over 30 years of quilting experience to her classes.  While her true passion is for appliqué, she enjoys adding special extras to her quilts, such as piping and hand embroidery. She has worked at the Jinny Beyer Studio since 2005 and, as Customer Service Manager, is the cheerful voice you hear most times when you call the Studio.


Eunice Sutter - An experienced and enthusiastic instructor, Eunice loves to teach new quilters the craft of quilting. She is known by all as a lover of all things purple. In her pre-Jinny Beyer Studio life, Eunice practiced law. She is now retired and travels frequently to Florida to enjoy the sun, sand, and family.



Nancy Fallone - Born in New York City and raised in its suburbs, Nancy was not exposed to quilts until she moved to New England in the late 1980s.  Quilting became a passion a decade later when she joined her local Virginia guild.  A twist of fate brought her onto the Jinny Beyer Hilton Head Seminar staff, followed by the opportunity to join Jinny’s Studio staff in Great Falls.  Since then her good fortune has continued with her quilts being exhibited nationally along with the chance to teach classes based on her love of scrap quilts and making use of even the tiniest bits of fabric.


Barbara Hollinger – Barbara comes from a long line of quilters. She learned to sew from her mother when she was a child and dabbled in quilting for a period after graduating from college. It wasn’t until she retired from her engineering career that she was able to explore the craft from all angles, letting her technical background influence her perception of shape, color and composition. She has been a regular contributor to the magazine Machine Quilting Unlimited and manages the Jinny Beyer Studio in Great Falls, Virginia.  She is an active member in her local and regional guild as well as Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends. She has taught and exhibited nationally as well as being on staff at the Jinny Beyer Seminar in Hilton Head, SC.


Diane Kirkhart - Diane began her quilting career in the 90s but has been a garment sewer since she was a child, learning her skills from her mother. She is an award-winning appliquér and hand quilter.  Because of her exceptional handwork, she was chosen by Ellie Sienkiewicz to quilt a piece for her which appeared in a special exhibit in Houston in 2010 and later in Ellie’s book, Ellie Sienkiewicz’s Beloved Baltimore Album Quilts.


Linda Marcinowski - Linda has been working at the Studio for 10 years and was a staff member at Jinny’s annual Hilton Head Seminar for several years. She learned to sew clothing from her grandmother when she was 5 and taught herself to quilt when her children were in high school.  Linda loves all methods of quilting, and usually has several projects going at once.  Helping people solve quilting quandaries is what she enjoys most and learning something new every day is divine. 


Kristi Minnema – Kristi’s first quilt, made in the late 1970s, was a king-sized log cabin using a pattern out of Woman's Day magazine.  While living in Kentucky in 1983, she started taking lessons at a local quilt shop and eventually began teaching classes there.  When her children were younger, her love of smocking soon took up more of her time than quilting and led to an award at the Woodlawn Plantation show.  Kristi has been a Studio staff member for several years and enjoys machine piecing and quilting in addition to her skilled hand work.


Carole Nicholas - Carole learned English paper piecing while she lived in West Africa in the 1970s, then moved to southern California where a whole new world of quilting was waiting to be explored. When she arrived in Virginia in the 80s, she was invited to join Jinny Beyer's Hilton Head Seminar staff and was the Coordinator for many years until the Seminar ended in 2009. Carole is a member of Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends which has been involved in the Healing Quilts in Medicine and Art Under The Microscope projects. She is also on the board of the Sacred Threads Exhibit, teaches quilting, volunteers to build houses all over the world with Habitat for Humanity, and is a proud grandmother of six.


Ricki Selva - A fourth generation quilter, Ricki was raised on a west St. Louis County farm and left home (with her grandmother’s Featherweight) to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1976.  When she left the Air Force, she took up quilting and five years later began teaching.  Ricki joined Jinny’s Hilton Head Quilting Seminar staff in 1997.  Her work has appeared in magazines and books including Jinny’s Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns.  Her hobbies include photography, travel, volunteering world-wide for Habitat for Humanity, and spending time with her pet-beasts.