Introducing Starstruck, Our 2014 Block of the Month Quilt

Starstruck quilt, dark and light backgrounds

Starstruck quilt, dark and light backgrounds

I’m really excited to introduce our 2014 Block of the Month quilt, called Starstruck, and thought I’d share how this particular quilt came to be.

Designing my quilts is an iterative process. Often, what I envision at the start takes on a life of its own, and by the time my design is completed it looks very different from how I thought it would look. I enjoy the journey, and when the design is finished I have learned along the way.

When I first created the blocks for Starstruck, I wanted 12 star blocks alternated with a “setting” block. The setting blocks were completed filled in. The blocks looked lovely by themselves but when I put them together with the stars in a repeated pattern, they looked choppy.


Original setting block
Original setting block
Original setting block with star blocks
Original setting block with star blocks


Wanting more flow to my design, I changed  the alternate block. I experimented with different options and finally took some of the small squares away from the setting block so that more background showed. That improved the design tremendously.


Final setting block
Final setting block
Dark quilt
Final Setting Block with Dark Quilt


Next I changed the dark background to a cream to give you variety.  But when I added the light background I lost the design continuity I had with the deeper color, and the blocks again looked too “individual” and static.


Quilt with light background loses continuity
Quilt with light background loses continuity


This time I consulted with my staff, and together we added small dark corner triangles to each of the stars.


Adding corner points to the stars is a subtle but effective change.
Adding corner points to the stars is a subtle but effective change.

What a difference! Now the squares harmonize and look great together and the overall effect is just what I had hoped for.


Light quilt with revised corners has continuity
Light quilt with revised corners has continuity


What makes this quilt so enjoyable to make is that each alternating block is different to give you added variety and a new challenge each month!

In my next post I’ll talk about how the Starstruck quilt’s color ways came to be.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Judy Austin

    Starstruck is a beautiful quilt. I appreciated seeing some of the design process. That was enlightening.
    How do I access the BOM pattern?

    Judy Austin

    • The BOM pattern for Starstruck is available as a free monthly download with the subscription to the newsletter.

  2. Debcal1946

    I actually like the original setting block even though it is busier. Do you think you could make it available too? Please!

  3. Bev

    This is gorgeous, just as all of your blocks and quilts are.

  4. Flo Gervais

    love this pattern very interesting for a block of the month quilt!!!

  5. Virginia Hanson

    Can one get the patterns without purchasing the fabric kit?

    • Yes, the BOM patterns for Starstruck are available as free downloads if you subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

  6. Hilde Lecke

    I don’t know why, but I like the first setting block better.

  7. Sharon Fry

    I can’t seem to locate where it is that I download the BOM pattern. I was able to download the templates and such from February, but I can’t locate the one for March or April. Help!

    Thank you!

    • The BOM pattern for Starstruck is available as a free download with the newsletter subscription.

  8. Sheila Bayley

    I’ve been a fan of your fabrics and have received your newsletter for years. Keep up the wonderful designs and patterns. Those of us who can’t design, need them.

  9. Marie

    Jinny, I’m loving learning about the block design p r o c e s s ….
    Continuity, harmony – explained and illustrated. Thank you.
    Starstruck is a stunning quilt – the black background my preferred version.

  10. Deb Bodnar

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful design…

  11. carole

    I had been saving Starstruck BOM. I thought I was receiving emails a each monthly block came out. I guess i lost track of things. My folder only has up to block #4. I can’t seem to find any later ones. Am I lost and confused or haven’t there been any more.

    • If you subscribe to the monthly newsletter you should be receiving the new block each month. We are up to block 5 which was in the most recent newsletter than went out on July 5th and the next newsletter with block 6 will be going out on August 2nd.

  12. Edna Evans

    I get the weekly newsletter, but I only got block 3 of Starstruck

    • The Starstruck download pages are in the monthly newsletter. If you subscribe to the weekly, you would also need to subscribe to the monthly to get the block-of-the-month downloads.

  13. Jean

    I am a subscriber. As usual, I’m late getting started. I can’t get the .pdf for the 1st 3 blocks. I have the alternating block & all other directions. Seems the patterns are no longer at the links. I’d really like this to be my BIG project for 2015. Any help appreciated.

    • You can get access to all the Starstruck blocks from the latest newsletter that went out on December 6. This would make a great project for 2015. If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us.

  14. Sandy DeCamp

    I have been trying to download the starstruck block but cant get it. only sends me to the main page. need help. thanks

    • The Starstruck download page is in the subscriber newsletter. Once you click on the link from the newsletter, you can download each block pattern.

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