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Pre-cut Bonanza!

In this busy world in which we live, sometimes it is really hard to find the time for the quiltmaking we love. This week we have many of our pre-cuts on sale. Pre-cuts offer you a wide variety of fabrics at a lower cost and get you to your piecing faster than ever! There's no wonder that pre-cut fabrics are becoming more and more popular.

Here are the pre-cuts we have for you:

From our Palette #11 Collection:

Each of our Palette Pre-cut products has all 150 beautifully shaded fabrics from Jinny's popular Palette Collection. 6 x 6 palette charm squares- We only have 11 in stock so don't dawdle. Once they're gone, they're gone! Regularly $60, this week these charm packs are only $45.00.

*    2 x 6 1/2 strips - Regularly $42.00, this week only $31.50.

*    2 x 4 strips - Regularly, $25.00, this week on sale for $18.75.

From the Bedfordshire collection:

*    Pixie Strips are 2 ½ by width of fabric, just the right size for so many patterns. Bedfordshire Pixies come in warm or cool colors, 40 strips to a roll. Why not get both? They are normally $39 but this week we have them for you for $29.25.

5-inch Charm Squares

*    Charm squares are an inexpensive way to build your stash and great for swapping with friends. This week, we have our Gold/Olive charm squares on sale. Each 20-pack of 5-inch squares is on sale for only $4.35.

Special prices effective through February 3, 2015 at midnight ET or while supplies last.


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