Product Details: Fast2clean Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Fast2clean Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


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Swipe any screen clean!

Each package contains four antimicrobial, lint-free cleaning cloths:
• One large (7” x 6”) Super Hi-Microfiber cloth
• One medium (3” square) Super Hi-Microfiber cloth with static cling backing
• Two mini (1.5” square) cloths with static cling backing

These high-quality, reusable cloths are great for cleaning your computer or television screens, as well as smaller devices like cell phones, LCD displays, and cameras. Use them on your eyeglasses, mirrors, CDs, jewelry and more. With the special static cling backing on the medium and mini sizes, you can easily attach the cloth to your device, remove it to swipe your screen clean, then re-attach it and keep it handy for next time. Hand washable.

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