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Atlantic Tote Bag

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The Atlantic tote bag kit is really an eye-catcher! We quilters, soccer moms and grandma's-on-the-go are always using extra bags for the abundance of "stuff" we need to cart around. Instead of grabbing one of those unattractive freebies we all seem to accumulate, instead make a statement with the Atlantic Tote.

The tote bag can be made using Jinny's Pixie Strips or 4 1/2 yards of a variety of fabrics.  There are two large pockets on the outside and the inside.

To fit your individual style and needs we are offering this kit with various options.

  • Price: $147.00

Product Details

Kit Includes:

The Atlantic tote bag complete kit includes all the fabric you need to make the bag, including the pre-cut pixie strips from the Malam batik collection, the pattern, and a notion pack (handles, magnetic closure, and buttons).  3 1/4 yards of batting are also included in the complete kit.

Finished Size:

20" wide x 16" high x 8" deep

Skill Level: Advanced
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